2018 Exhibition Schedule

Enjoy artworks along with Lake Shinji’s beautiful scenery and sunset.
We have a wonderful lineup of exhibitions planned for 2018 and eagerly await your visit.

April 20th (Fri) ~ July 9th (Mon)


Since its broadcast in 1995, ‘Evangelion’ continues to gain popularity as one of the greatest masterpieces of Japanese animation. This exhibition focuses on the new theatrical film series, where you can view around 300 original illustrations and scene materials from famed director Hideaki ANNO and animation studio Khara (part of approximately 1300 exhibition pieces).

July 20th (Fri) ~ September 10th (Mon)

Masterpieces from the Mizuno Museum of Art
The Beauty of Modern Nihonga Painting

The Mizuno Museum of Art, located in Nagano City, specializes in Nihonga Painting. The museum holds around 500 works from some of the masters of Nihonga Painting. With works by YOKOYAMA Taikan, HISHIDA Shunso, UEMURA Shoen, SUGIYAMA Yasushi, TAKAYAMA Tatsuo, and more. This exhibition introduces 65 famous handpicked works from 30 artists.

September 21th (Fri) ~ November 4th (Sun)

Exhibition on the 200th anniversary of his death
Matsudaira Fumai:Daimyo,Tea Master, Aesthete

Feudal lord of Matsue, MATSUDAIRA Fumai was a master of tea ceremony, and is representative of the late Edo Period. Through Fumai’s tea ceremony, cultivated with an outstanding aesthetic sense, we introduce traditional senses of beauty, and a world of Fumai’s original ideas.

November 17th (Sat) ~ November 25th (Sun)

The 51st Shimane Prefectural Citizen’s Cultural Festival
- General Art Exhibition (KENTEN)

This exhibit features winning and chosen works from the art exhibitions of the Shimane Prefectural Citizen’s Cultural Festival.

December 5th (Wed) ~ December 25th (Tue)

The 65th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

An exhibition of stringently selected pieces from seven fields of traditional Japanese crafts: ceramics, textiles, urushi work, metalwork, woodwork and bamboo work, dolls, and other various works. Featuring the works of living national treasures, prize-winning pieces, and works by local artists living in the San-in Region, this exhibition features approximately 300 pieces by artisans who pursue the highest-level of artistic skill and creativity.

February 8th 2019 (Fri) ~ March 25th (Mon)

Museum Opening 20th Anniversary Exhibition
KATSUSHIKA Hokusai The Complete Nagata Collection Debut

Shimane Prefecture has received donation of an approximately 1,000-piece ukiyo-e collection by KATSUSHIKA Hokusai (1760-1849) and his pupils, from Hokusai-research expert Mr. NAGATA Seiji (born in Shimane Prefecture). The collection is acclaimed as a world-leading outline Hokusai’s work spanning 70 years. Since receiving the donation, this exhibition offers the first chance to view the fully-detailed collection.

◆Please understand that exhibition titles and/or exhibition dates may change due to unavoidable circumstances.


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